This week, I’m super excited to finally be able to let the secret out! And you’re the first to know! Today I’m announcing my 50 for $50 “Let’s Adopt an Elephant” YouTube subscribe drive. 😊

Climate change is taking a heavy toll on African wildlife. An awesome organization called the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust works in Kenya to rescue baby elephants orphaned or abandoned as a result of conditions related to global warming. People can adopt the little elephants they rescue, helping to bring them back to health and enable them to grow up strong.

So here’s what I’m doing….Until April 5, I’m sending you a special invitation to subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you’re already subscribed and you want to be involved, you can also invite your friends to subscribe!

(To invite others, use this link: OR this hashtag: #50for50)

When we get 50 new subscribers to my channel, I’ll make a $50 donation to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on everyone’s behalf for us to adopt our very own baby elephant, as the Plastic Sky fam!

Once we’ve adopted our little one, we’ll be able to keep track of him or her over time with materials that we’ll get from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. ♥

We’re currently at 58 subscribers, so our goal is to get to 108 peeps total in our YouTube community in the next three weeks!